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Launching Worldwide 3 Unique Training Courses, Microblading by AcademyS, Tattoo Remoov & Icy Lips by Linda Paradis Group.   

Dear Prospective Partner, 

I firstly would like to thank you for your interest in collaborating with me in a capacity of an organizer. I would like to recommend that you carefully review all of the information provided below. This page has been specifically created for those interested in partnering with me. 

Below you will find each my (3) training courses explained in details along with costs and revenue sharing proposal. I am confident you will find the proposal attractive and its offering and value proposition unique and lucrative.

Once terms and conditions are negotiated and an agreement is signed, I will make available to your organization not only high quality content to promote the courses, all of which have been produced by my company but I will also assign one of my business managers who will provide support on best marketing strategies.

It is also important to note that I have trained in the Microblading field on a Master Level under the Phi Academy brand and as of last year I have been named Master in Microblading under the AcademyS brand. Additionally, what I feel is truly unique is the Tattoo Remoov / Icy Lips Training courses as I am the first Master approved by Linda Paradis to teach the course and represent her brand in the USA and abroad. These courses are complimentary and would add tremendous value to the Microblading Artists and anyone belonging to the beauty industry. Unlike the Microblading Art that requires a lot of skills and practice, Tattoo Remoov & Icy Lips are easy to learn and the artist can start working immediately using this revolutionary pain free system.

I look forward to a fruitful collaboration. Until then, I wish you and your team continuing success.



Why choose this microblading course? Watch this video!



  • 6 month online support package via a special app

  • Work on a LIVE model on the second day

  • The course includes a big starter kit that allows you to perform over 80+ treatments

  • Receive the certification of attendance from the prestigious European Academy, 

  • All products produced are of the highest standard in the Microblading industry

  • Easy installment payment  plan 

  • Learn from one of the best Masters in the industry 

  • Learn the tips about how to successful run your Microblading business



Why choose this Tattoo Remoov course? Watch this video!



  • Most innovative & safest Tattoo Removal System worldwide

  • All ingredients used are of cosmetic origin & all FDA regulated

  • Non invasive patented needles - no puncture in the skin 

  • No pain 

  • No scars

  • Products used does not contain acid, saline nor carcinogenic ingredients

  • Shortest interval time between treatments 

  • Easy to learn, start working immediately upon completion of the course

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Why choose this Icy Lips course?

Watch this video!




With over 10 years of experience as an educator and trainer in the skincare and beauty industry Anna brings a passion for problem solving and understands what it takes for one to thrive in the art of perfection. Throughout her career she has demonstrated consistent success applying these aptitudes to achieve high-reaching standards and goals. 

As of November 2018, Anna has been awarded the Master title of Tattoo Remoov & Icy Lips under Linda Paradis Group. Anna is now certified to train individuals throughout the world. This is the safest Tattoo Removal System available on the market worldwide. It is the most innovative system where all ingredients of the solution are of cosmetic origin and all are FDA regulated. 

The specially patented needles are non invasive which means they do not puncture the skin. There is no pain during the treatment, no scars and the products does not contain ACID nor SALINE. 

Additionally, in her current role as a Craft Master in both Microblading and Microneedling under the prestigious AcademyS, Anna is the best choice for those seeking to learn the art from the best of the best in the industry. Anna has also been awarded the title of Craft Master Assistant under the Phi Academy brand. Certified in many treatments, professional and reliable, she is the #1 choice

in the industry. 

Her track record of achievements is outlined in her resume that takes her around the globe. After having conducted over 2,000+ hours of training to a combined audience of 15,000 Anna is no stranger to public speaking.

For more details on Master Anna Gala, please visit:



  • Newest innovative technique 

  • Pain-Free lip coloring method 

  • Patented needles 88TR by Linda Paradis 

  • Needles do not puncture the skin

  • Technique does not alter the shape and size of the lips

  • All pigments of Icy Lips are organic and contain the essence of 7 flowers 

  • Pigments all produced in the UK 

  • Conformed to the highest health & safety standards in the industry

  • Easy to learn, start working immediately upon completion of the course



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