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Icy Lips is the lip pigmentation straight from the Future! 

As lips are extremely sensitive and well supplied with blood you can imagine that it used to be painful and very much swollen in the past done with traditional PMU. Well with Icy Lips - not any more. 

ICY LIPS is a new method of Lip Pigmentation that is non invasive - simply put the needle does not puncture the skin. There is NO Bleeding, there is NO Pain, there is NO need for any anesthetic at all. 
It is possible with the new invention of Needles 88TR by Linda Paradis. 
What is more the method is contour-less so while doing the color on the lips we do not go above the natural lip mucus. There is no change to the shape or size of the lips keeping your natural look. 

As the color is very gentle your lips gain natural freshness and brightness, the color is not fake "lipstick effect" rather of gentle lipgloss. 

Want to boost the juiciness of the Lips? Try ICY LIPS!


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